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SalsoftTechnologies provides back-office services with the help of the finest, qualified and skilled professionals.From business development to online marketing, we have got every solution for you. So you can witness the progress made in your business.

Business Development

Salsoft begins back office services, fromthe Business development of your business. It happens to be one of our main concerns, as here we process our tasks that aim solely at the development and growth of companies. We also help the businesses, overcome challenges that they face during their initial stages.

Network And Tech Support

We provide network support, so that an active communication can run effectively, alongside tech support so that all sorts of technical problems related to the softwares being used, can be handled well.

Production Team

The main task for any production team is to maintain software applications which are currently in use. The production team will be provided by us that understands the possible risks and handles every task of analyzing the requests received from the users. It will be responsible for converting inputs into outputs through various stages of the production process.

International Sales And Calls

We have teams that handle international sales and calls, where sales are generated on the basis of contact made through calls, emails and chats. We can guarantee you, immediate sales so your business can have immediate progress. Our call center services provide our clients with inbound and outbound calls’ solutions with lasting benefits, that solves the problems of your customers. Our multi-surfaced outbound call center makes calls to your customers for the benefit of your business. Outbound service is inclusive of marketing done through phone and sales, so it can achieve your targets in a quick turn around time. Inbound calls are typically inclusive of customer support that provides a vast horizon of services to help our customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product and represents your brand and its image. Our customer services are inclusive of planning, training, maintaining and arrangement of the productivity of your business.

Website Hosting

We provide hosting for websites, where we serve and maintain files of websites for many of our clients.If you have created a website then you will find a web hosting package to be the one thing which you need if you wish to get your website hosted publicly so that people are able to view it using their web browser.

Online Advertisments And Paid Campaigns

We also handle all sorts of online advertisements, so your brand can be represented to the world the way you want! Our marketing experts will run the most effective campaign for your business, so the chances of your ads of getting seen, noticed and clicked increases. Paid campaign is the most effective way of running successful marketing campaigns. It is known as the most affordable form of marketing and it effectively makes your ads be seen by the active people online.

SalsoftTechnologies is best when it comes to providing second-to-none quality back office support services, because we place your business right in our main priorities so it can have progress and immediate results received within the least amount of time.

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