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2022's Top Augmented Reality Apps for Android And iOS

Augmented Reality is commonly referred to as AR. It is a popular term in the technology industry due to giving larger-than-life visual experiences to people. The term augment itself means enhanced and enlarged view.

Augmented reality is an innovative tool to enhance real-life events with goggles or smart AR wearable glasses. These wearable glasses showcase the larger view of the objects with added 3d effects. The most common uses of AR are in shopping malls, retail, healthcare, education, and manufacturing businesses. It is also popular in the gaming industry. People love to watch and play AR-based games to turn their imagination into a practical reality.

The development of automation has elevated augmented reality. The most recent and cutting-edge development trend provides our advanced generation with an improved technical experience. In the modern world, technology completely controls our lives, and we are unable to operate without our smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

Using AR technology brings awe-inspiring solutions to a range of technological issues. In this blog, we will discuss the top augmented reality apps for android and iOS. These apps provide you with fun-loving and entertaining experiences. They immerse you in the dynamic and interactive applications designed for various purposes for businesses and individuals.

Here are the best-augmented reality apps for 2022:

Google Lens

It is a renowned google tool for image search. Google lens is a name suggested for an exceptional google tool for recognizing and identifying pics and images. It helps you search for any kind of image to capture it in your lens. The lens shows a more prominent and larger display of the image that people want to view. It combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence for customers. The blend of AR and AI makes it a remarkable tool for everyone.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a location-based software application for tourists around the world. It guides them through the correct way and leads them to their authentic destination. Anyone can use this augmented reality app to find the real-time location of a place. It gives a realistic map view of the area to indicate car drivers to search for the correct route on the road at night.


Wikitude is a geo-location app for tourists around the world. It helps them find the longitude and latitude of the area of the city. This app is designed with augmented reality to guide people and provide them with an accurate map of the place. It shows a real-time visual view of the city to search for a new location. Wikitude augmented reality app recognizes the objects and tracks the location for reaching the correct destination.

Giphy World

Giphy world is an entertainment and gaming app designed for people of all ages. It is a user-friendly application for everyone. This AR-based app provides a bigger and clearer view of the inside and outside home location. It adds value with superb and colorful graphics that attract users and compel them to use this application. People can explore the location with this app and enjoy an immersive experience.

Pokémon Go

It is a social gaming app designed for entertainment purposes. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile application built for smartphone and tablet users. It develops interest and passion in users to watch and play. This app offers a realistic environment for users to have an enhanced view of the objects around them. It is a blend of reality and imagination.


Augment is a name for a 3d augmented reality app. It has been designed for a three-dimensional view of the objects. The app gives a deeper and closer view of the surroundings and makes things interesting for people. It is free to use app for android and iOS platform users. The app gives an interactive and intuitive look of the surrounding area. It visualizes the real-time AR-based 3d models to move and rotate them in every direction.

Ikea Place

Ikea is a renowned brand in the furniture and home decoration industry. People recognize this brand from its name and prefer shopping from it. It offers exceptional design furniture for commercial and residential customers to decorate their houses and offices. The company has launched its app named Ikea Place for customers.

The app is ideal for its remarkable Swiss-made furniture worldwide. It uses augmented reality to enhance the view of the furniture with a closer look for customers. The company deals in an international brand of furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances.

Snap Chat

Snap chat is an innovative chatting and visual software app for teens and kids. It allows users to share their pics and snaps with others. Users can communicate with each other through dynamic visuals and enjoy an interactive experience. Snap AR is an augmented reality application for everyone to use it. It offers AR-based views to users and provides them with entertainment and adventure.

AR Measure Kit

It is a measurement kit app for teachers and architects to measure the accurate size or area of a location. This app uses an augmented reality tool to showcase the enhanced view of the measurement. It works with mathematical formulas and arithmetic equations to draw and measure the location.

Your Cam Makeup

Every girl likes to wear makeup. It is a way to beautify your appearance. Your Cam Makeup lets you be in the trend to show your party makeup to others. You can carry this app anywhere and look graceful and elegant with beautiful makeup on your face. It gives your face a glow and smiles with a beautiful look.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are the topmost augmented reality apps for 2022. These are built for android and iOS platforms. Users can buy these apps for free or at an affordable cost.