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Setting new standards. Setting new limits.

setting new standards

Salsoft Technologies is breaking the barriers and setting new standards for the IT industry in Pakistan under the unparalleled leadership of Salman Ghaznavi.

Being a lot more than an innovative and dynamic IT company, Salsoft Technologies is an extension to global players, teams, and businesses. Working as a trusted IT partner for over more than 20 years, Salsoft Technologies supports businesses towards real innovation and success. In today's online and digital marketing world, no matter what is the company size or the company dynamics, IT solutions and digital solutions are the fundamentals to success as every single mode of operation from marketing to sales is digitized.

Salsoft Technologies takes immense pride in its skilled workforce, enabling the organization to work for numerous well-reputed projects internationally. The company is focused on becoming an equal opportunity provider that emphasizes the growth of its employees by providing a fun-filled, growth-oriented environment with lucrative salary packages and benefits.

Setting new standards. Enabling a digital awakening.

“Pakistan, the world's fifth-most populous country, is witnessing a historic moment in the Tech sector. About 20,000 graduates are entering the workforce annually, with a prevailing pool of more than 360,000 IT engineers, marking it as the fastest-growing freelance market. There is a phenomenal growth expectancy in the number of IT engineers that is aiming to add a trajectory of $8.2 billion ($1.2 billion in Q1 2021, 46 percent up from 2019) to the exports industry within this decade. This is no surprise given that the majority of the population (approximately 70 percent) is under the age of 35 and speaks English as a common language after Urdu), thereby compounding the growth prospects to be experienced sooner than the decade optimistically.”

Where Salsoft Technologies steps in?

All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront the major anxiety of their people in their time unequivocally. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership. — John Kenneth Galbraith

With the CEO, Mr. Salman Ghaznavi's vision to collaborate actively with new clients globally and streamlining the operation efficiency of the organization, Salsoft Technologies is leading at the front with its diverse digital solutions portfolio in the region.

As chief executive officer, Salman Ghaznavi and his dedicated leadership have planned the overall business strategy and day-to-day operations at Salsoft with ultimate precision and strategic construct.

“Salsoft Technologies currently has over 1000 employees under its payroll and has been able to hire over 600 people in the last six months despite the pandemic when many companies were suffering losses and were opting towards downsizing their workforce. Salsoft Technologies was one of the few Pakistani companies that managed not only to increase the headcount of its workforce but took it as an opportunity to hire the best employees.”

Salsoft is taking the Pakistani IT industry to new heights by working and collaborating with multiple national and international projects and ventures while equipping its workforce with the relevant trainings required to enhance their skills. The seamless innovation-driven culture, creativity, out-of-box thinking strategies, and sand-box working skills, Salsoft, under the leadership of its owner, has given opportunities to over more than 1200 employees during these uncertain times. The open culture of creativity and internal collaboration amongst the employees has helped them expand on their expertise and enabled Salsoft Technologies to become the tech giant that it is today. Currently, Salsoft Technologies is offering jobs in its Karachi location head office and its branch offices.