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CX is the most important aspect of business

Providing an unrivalled customer experience (CX) is the most important aspect of any business worldwide. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is imperative to make each and every interaction with customers meaningful and it is crucial to engage with them at every part of their purchasing journey.

Salsoft empowers its clients to provide superior experiences for their end-customers by connecting with them deeply during different touchpoints and essentially controlling customers’ perceptions and perspectives towards them and their business. A powerful customer experience is what builds brand loyalty, increases retention and results in high profitability for organizations.

NPS Score

Our services are delivered to make sure we satisfy all the customers we touch. Raising your net promoter score is one of our prime goals.


Service to
Sales Ratio

We move forward with an aim to maintain a standard service to sales ratio. Our agents are trained to be well equipped with the product knowledge so they can convert the hot leads with ease.


Response Time

With an increased product knowledge and a mature understanding of the nature of general queries, our customer service workforce knows what step to take, and when. Result, decreased response time.


Let the Numbers Speak

Our success is defined by the results we create for our clients. From the processing time, to the number of conversations handled by our agents, we believe in making a difference for those entrusting our expertise and our name.


Reduction in
Processing Time


Reduction in AHT


Work Time Reduction




More Conversations Handled by Same Number of Agents


Cost Reduction


Business Intelligence for Customer Success

We are, at all times, adapt with the latest insights about how the market is evolving. Our research teams shed light on noticeable business insights to act on them and improve the business processes, operations and systems.


We’re the Team You Need,
the Team That Stays