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As a leading provider of a full range of IT solutions, products and services,

we cater to a broad and diverse clientele across numerous industries. Our clients range from small businesses to educational institutions to financial companies to the United States Government and multiple other sectors.


Small and
Medium Enterprises

By providing out-and-out integrated digital and design solutions to the SMEs, Salsoft Technologies works to empower the expansion of their business by means of Website Design and Development, Video Production, SEO, Paid Advertising, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Printing and Packaging services, and more. Our unique ideas and digital assets help set the brands apart, and our wide array of printing and packaging options ranging from Custom Box Packaging to T-shirt printing, Brochure printing, Business Cards printing and more, help brands provide and promote their products through our custom production and marketing essentials.


Medical Industry

Various prominent players within the Medical Industry trust Salsoft Technologies to fulfill their digital needs through the provision of unified digital solutions which include Website Design and Development, Video Production, and more. Our established digital capabilities assist these players by enhancing the clarity of their brand message, and helping them stand out among their competitors. We are also well-recognized for facilitating the Medical Industry through our highly distinguished printing services and stationary design solutions.


Government Solutions

Salsoft Technologies has helped numerous departments within the US Federal, State and Local Government move forward by providing them with advanced IT Hardware, Office Supplies, Networking & Security solutions and 2D & 3D Video Production. By allowing them access to unrivalled IT Hardware and Technology essentials, we have enabled the US Federal Government to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape and expediate their work processes.

We work through a wide variety of schedules, contracts and purchasing agreements to make procuring the solutions fast and easy. These include large federal contracts, Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Multi-Agency Contracts (MACs), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), and Indefinite Quantity contracts (IDIQs).

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  • Army ITES-3H

  • Army ITES SW2




Our 2D & 3D video production services have also been highly commended by multiple State and Local Government Departments such as the Metropolitan Police, for their design and ideation excellence, and their potential to significantly draw and retain audience attention.


Real Estate Brokerage industry

Salsoft Technologies enables its Real Estate and Brokerage clients to expand their clientele via the provision of premium quality digital services such as Website Design and Development that allow smooth web navigation through a responsive web design with features that uniquely represent the brand. We further offer Personalized Video Production services that help showcase the true potential of the brand via different video types such as Animations, Explainer Videos, Product Portfolio Videos, and more.


Education Sector

By promising to meet all Video Animation needs of the Education Sector, Salsoft Technologies facilitates Top Universities and Educational Institutes in advancing the educational process via the adoption of Explainer Videos, Animations, Whiteboard Videos, and more to aid the teaching practices.