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Our end-to-end, data-driven and customer-centric digital marketing services make businesses get more leads via their digital presence and channels, ultimately increasing their sales and bottom line. As a trusted digital marketing company, our full-service digital marketing strategies are created and executed in order for our clients to attain quick and visible results.



Our SEO objectives are simple: Having our customers’ websites the highest ranked on Google. We work towards making our customers online presence more visible, and in turn, increase their revenue and profitability. Combined with the top search engine optimization software, our SEO experts have an extensive knowledge-base and employ time-tested, proven strategies to ensure our customers appear on the first page of Google.

In today's digital age, it is vital to rank higher in order to attain more traffic and subsequently, for a business to increase its bottom line. Having extensive knowledge of the ways to improve search engine optimization, we have empowered numerous organizations to achieve unsurpassed rankings which have helped them get where they are today in their respective industries.



Our social media experts enable businesses to connect and engage with prospects irrespective of where they are located via various platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We construct the most effective social media marketing plan - custom-made for each client.

With proven social media marketing techniques, having a strong social media presence can bring significant benefits for businesses. It enhances their brand awareness, enables them to connect and engage with their target market, improves customer trust and loyalty, increases market awareness and brings more traffic to their website, which in turn generates leads and boosts their sales and ROI, in a cost-effective and analytics-based, result-driven manner while tracking key performance metrics.



We empower companies in attaining a competitive edge in promoting and selling their products on Amazon. While optimizing product details and pages to boost their visibility in Amazon's search results, we create a profitable Amazon business marketing strategy in order to enhance traffic on Amazon, increase reviews, grow sales and in turn, profitability.

Our Amazon marketing strategy for each client entails proven actions which increase engagement with customers and result in higher conversion rates with a rapid turnaround time. By partnering with us, product sales are boosted while our customers rank among the top-sellers.



Potential customers online not only use the internet as their initial and primary basis for information, but essentially believe what they read online. What they read and come across about an organization significantly impact their thoughts, behaviour and their purchasing decisions. It is therefore vital for organizations to avail effective online reputation management services, in order to influence customers’ perceptions towards their brand.

Essentially, building and establishing trust in an organization can safeguard it from misinformation, false claims or even smear campaigns against it. Offering the best online reputation management services, we integrate a company’s marketing and branding, PR and their engagements with their customers in order to create a positive perception of their business as a well-structured and responsible entity. Most importantly, the reputation of a business online works as a symbol of trust which impacts whether individuals will purchase their products or services or not.



Our content marketing specialists comprise of our highly skilled creative writers, designers and developers who understand the significance of producing comprehensive content strategies. In a world with countless content online, only the most unique, user-focused, highly engaging, search engine friendly content stands out. Salsoft has created successful content strategies for businesses across various spectrums.

The right online content marketing strategy will inform, attain, engage and enable organizations to retain their target audience as well as attain more customers through relevant articles, blogs, social media posts, videos alongside other platforms and forms of media. A well-executed strategy, employing the best practices in content marketing, increases awareness of a brand and positively influences buyer behaviour.



Email marketing is a rapid, inexpensive and highly effective means of communicating with an organization’s target audience. Done correctly, this form of marketing will influence the behaviour of prospects, increase engagement, and subsequently, get more leads. Our email marketing services ensure that our client’s email list members anticipate their next email!

Our email marketing specialists design stunning and effective email marketing campaigns with the content a company’s prospects want to read, all while maintaining the company’s branding. Analytics from email campaigns can easily inform them what content works and what their audience wants to read about their business, products and services.



Paid marketing is one of the most rapid mechanism to make prospective customers learn about a business and its products and services. Our paid media marketing services are highly effective and target a company’s prospects on different search engine results pages as well as social media platforms. We target prospects based on various criteria, including but not limited to, their unique preferences, interests, demographics, location or prior interactions.

With a proven paid marketing strategy for businesses, we offer them the top advertising opportunities that let them target their specific audience. Our services entail focusing on the right messaging, content, images and videos that appeal to the target audience and are customized for the company’s offerings.