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As a powerforce in the IT industry, we offer a vast range of superior IT solutions ranging from IT hardware and software to security and networking. With end-to-end platforms for every form of business and industry, we provide unmatched solutions that best suit the requirements of businesses.



From unlimited bandwidth to 24/7 support, alongside security and speed, we offer everything our customers need. We help companies of all sizes and spectrums eradicate risks and save significant time. Our dedicated domain and hosting services suit the requirements of all forms of businesses across the world.

An organization’s choice of their hosting provider will greatly impact their business – sub-par services with page loading dilemmas and server down time is unacceptable. With rapid speed and flawless uptime, coupled with advanced security and other features, our hosting services are second-to-none and we proudly serve our customers among the top domain hosting companies.



Security can never be compromised, not even in the slightest form. We take data and web cyber security very seriously which is why we employ the most stringent security mechanisms for our customers. With a full range of indispensable web security services, our goal is to make sure while our clients remain connected, there are powerful lines of defense pertaining to any form of cyber-attacks or threats.

Alleviating any form of data breaches is also necessary, which is why we assess vulnerabilities in our client’s systems and take corrective action to ensure that they remain protected at all times and under all costs.



We offer desktop and server support so an enterprise’s network works smoothly and consistently. Our services are suited for all operations, ensuring that our client’s networks are safe and that monitoring and maintenance are facilitated accordingly. We work with a focused approach pertaining to security, availability and uptime.

Salsoft’s desktop support services are committed to ensuring that desktop operations and security are both updated and working seamlessly. As a renowned server management company, our teams ensure regular maintenance, monitoring, safeguarding and troubleshooting.



With an in-depth understanding of all forms of networks, whether wired, wireless or via the cloud, our teams unite multiple systems processing, inputting, interpreting, storage and classifying data. Our network design solutions are robust and scalable and offered at extremely competitive pricing.

We work to adhere to a company’s individual requirements, whether additions are required for their current network or they require updating and replacement of their existing network. By partnering with Salsoft, organizations gain from our extensive experience in the domain for training, service and support.



We eliminate all of an enterprise’s peripheral requirement concerns – we have a huge selection of monitors, projectors, keyboards, printers, scanners, graphic cards, input devices and any other accessory a business could need. Our wide range of peripherals are available at an organization’s fingertips.

Our procurement team ensures the largest range of hardware peripherals and accessories produced by the biggest global manufacturers worldwide. Being a single source for everything an organization could possibly need pertaining to IT, they don’t need to look anywhere else and waste their time and effort in having to visit or connect with multiple sellers.