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We assist organizations by providing them with a vital extension to their in-house team by filling the skill gaps in their current workforce

We essentially cater to their needs by providing the much-needed skill sets they require in order to meet their business or technology objectives. Our on-demand technical staff augmentation services allow business to rapidly augment their organizational capabilities as per their business requirements.

Salsoft eradicates the time and costs associated with the recruitment process by providing highly skilled resources that are managed directly by the client, in order to enhance productivity, increase value and help them attain their desired results. Our technical staff augmentation services have ranked us amongst the top staff augmentation companies.



Dedicated Team

With the help of our clients’ specific identification of the desired talent, we will go above and beyond to find the most suitable fit for the organization. We would identify, test, match, and finalize a dedicated team that delivers.

Security Testing

We’ll provide talent that knows what protocols and attacks would best gauge the robustness and strength of your networks or systems. The key is to test the vulnerability to its maximum extent, and this is where expert penetration testers come into play.

Quality Control

Quality is the key to success, and the people responsible to control it must also reflect quality in their acumen, conduct and discipline. That is the type of resources we will arrange for you. Zero compromise in the quality of our professionals ensures proper maintenance of quality control for our clients.

DevOps Services

Fresh or experienced, we’ll get you access to DevOps professionals that are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. Your goal is continuous delivery and release of software, and we’ll help you achieve it.


Benefits of
Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation, if done right, can help you optimize your business in many ways. You can save costs, gain an increased control over resources and stride in business stability. Salsoft specializes in helping business find the talent that perfectly matches their current needs, and can help them achieve milestones required to complete a project successfully.


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