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The 10 Currency Converter Apps for Android and iOS

In the global world today, people exchange goods for currency. It is an ideal medium of exchange between people around the world. Every country has a different name for its money, such as the dollar, pound, euro, dirham, dinar, and rupee. People who travel have a lot of difficulties exchanging their currency every time. They have to go to the currency exchange companies to exchange their currency for another at a current comparison rate.

Nowadays, this hassle is almost over, and people now use technology to save time and money. They use currency converter apps to convert their currency into any other currency in the world. It takes them a minute or a second to calculate the exchange rate with Android and iOS mobile applications.

These currency converter apps have brought a dynamic revolution in the field of financial technology and created innovation in the fintech industry. Forex is a crucial domain in the fintech market that relates to foreign exchange. It is absolutely difficult to find the latest currency exchange without these apps. They have become widely used among customers all around the world and are popular due to their exceptional features.

Following are ten currency converter apps for Android and iOS:

Display Latest Currency Trends

Trends come and go, especially in the field of the currency exchange industry. It is a marketplace for all the top leading currencies of the world. The exchange market provides the latest and newest currency trends for travelers and business merchants. It provides them with a complete sense of knowledge and information about the currency rate every day.

Real-Time App Interface

The interface of the app should be lively and interactive to attract the audience. It must be real-time to show the rapid fluctuations of currency rates to customers regularly. The interface should have intuitive search features and provide a watchlist of favorite currency rates. It allows users to be well-informed and aware of the latest currency exchange rates in the market.

Offers Online Forex Trading Strategies

The demand for foreign exchange currency is rising among businesses of all sizes. Technology has made it easier for companies and individuals to evaluate the latest currency exchange rates of various currencies in the world. It gives them a clear idea of expecting a rise or growth in a currency rate in the future. As the currency goes upwards, it benefits businesses in the long run.

Supports the Maximum Global Currencies

The biggest benefit of using currency converter apps is that they give maximum support to global currencies. Businesses can support up to 180 different foreign and international currencies to exchange their modes of money. It gives them the true financial freedom to exchange and convert their money at any time they need.

Conversion and Comparison of Currency

Nowadays, every business wants to compare and convert the local currency in exchange for other foreign currencies to expand their target reach. Using currency converter apps gives them ease and convenience to convert their currency into any other form of money. These apps show them comparison and conversion rates of multiple currency exchanges around the world.

XE Currency Converter App

It is the most popular and top-rated currency converter app for Android and IOS. It works for both of these leading app platforms in the world. XE Currency app is famous globally for its features and specifications. This real-time app provides currency and metal rates, including gold, silver, and titanium, for customers. It provides conversion and exchange rates of historical data that give a clear idea of the foreign exchange market.

Vaulta EX Currency Converter App

It is a famous and renowned currency converter app for all cross-browser compatibility platforms worldwide. This app operates in both online and offline modes. It is absolutely user-friendly and provides an ease to customers in finding their names and country codes. The interactive app provides more than 160 currency exchange rates and conversions for target audiences.

Currency Converter Plus

Due to its robust Android and iOS app development architecture, Currency Converter Plus allows businesses to achieve significant objectives. It displays the exchange rates for 170 different currencies, bitcoin, and precious metals like gold and platinum in real-time and cached form. It offers the most accurate exchange rates thanks to a strong backend and a precise API that is a registered trademark.

Easy Currency Converter

The Easy Currency Converter app is packed with a ton of useful features and supports over 180 world currencies with real-time exchange rates. Choose the relevant currencies to include in your own personal currency list with this program, and Easy Currency Converter will operate in an offline mode for your convenience. Multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, and others, are supported by the currency conversion app.

My Currency Converter

For iPhone users, My Currency Converter is the top conversion app. It has offline functionality and provides 150 currency exchange rates. For the maximum level of precision, real-time updates are available with up to 3 decimal places.

There is no need to press the convert button as the calculator already has a calculator capability. Continue typing, adding, and converting as you're moving. The exchange rates for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are also displayed.

All Currency Converter

It is a top-of-the-list currency converter app for android and iPhone users. The app gives real-time data information on gold, silver, and bitcoin currencies. Moreover, it also supports 168 currencies worldwide that allow users to exchange and convert their money into other forms. It has a calculator that displays graphical depictions of fluctuations over the course of months. The app also has forex trading and investment features that make it stand beyond the competition.

Bottom Line

This finishes the list of the best currency converter applications. All of the apps we've included on the list offer an excellent user experience, have an average rating of 4+ on the top app stores, have millions to hundreds of thousands of downloads, and have received favorable user reviews. It is understandable why these apps, most of which are free to download, generate millions of dollars in revenue.