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Top 12 Product Review Platforms in 2022

Reputation is the core of every business. Every company aims to maintain a positive reputation and healthy relationship with customers. It boasts a business's value and increases its market demand. Many product businesses fail to maintain a good reputation in the market. The reason is not allowing customers to share their reviews about the products.

Reviews are feedback from the clients that indicate a company's excellent or worst products or services. Every small or large-scale enterprise organization must try hard to receive a customer review or response. A good product review platform conveys a positive message to the customers. It motivates them to buy the product.

Product reviews are integral elements of eCommerce websites. It appreciates customers sharing their personal experiences with other buyers. Every business niche has unique product reviews that differentiate them from all others. These reviews enhance the brand image and showcase a solid reputation. They provide incentives to customers to buy more products from the store. Companies reward customers for writing product reviews and describing their opinions to the audience. Another benefit of product reviews is increasing sales and profit. It maximizes the sales of a product and compels customers to purchase more.

Following are the top ten product review platforms in 2022:


Amazon is the world leading and giant eCommerce platform. It has an exceptional reputation among businesses and customers around the world. Amazon offers its product reviews on the amazon website to receive continuous feedback from the customers. It encourages the company to sell high-quality products and earn an incredible amount of money from sales. Apart from reviews, it also shows the five-star rating status to enhance the quality and originality of products.


CNET is a popular technology brand website that reveals its product reviews to customers. It provides and sells electronic product items to clients at reasonable costs. The company offers standard product reviews on every single product of a website. It allows buyers to have a choice of their opinion on the quality and reliability of products they buy from the store. They can easily purchase the products from physical brick-and-mortar shops and online eCommerce stores.

Digital Trends

It is a tech and lifestyle website for customers. The website provides product reviews on various categories including computing, mobile, audio, video, TV, gaming, and smart home appliances. It also offers reviews on fitness trackers, smartwatches, desktops, monitors, home security, and streaming devices. The website allows customers to write authentic reviews on every product and share their views on them.

Consumer Reports

Consumer reports is a website that provides product review reports to businesses. It provides five-star quality ratings on the products and services. The company delivers exceptional review reports on a variety of product categories such as kitchen, cleaning, cooking, HVAC, electronics, home and garden. Moreover, it also provides reviews on miscellaneous products and appliances.

Best Products

Best products offer exceptional and incredible reviews on multiple product categories. They include tech, beauty, home décor, consumer appliances, health, fitness, parenting, and gifting. Customers can write reviews on any category and give their right of opinion to businesses for betterment and improvement. It enhances the value of businesses and increases their demand among customers.

Trust Pilot

It is the most popular and top-rated currency converter app for Android and IOS. It works for both of these leading app platforms in the world. XE Currency app is famous globally for its features and specifications. This real-time app provides currency and metal rates, including gold, silver, and titanium, for customers. It provides conversion and exchange rates of historical data that give a clear idea of the foreign exchange market.


Yelp is an ideal website for business and product reviews. It provides reviews on several niches and categories for businesses worldwide. Yelp is an excellent product review platform to build the core reputation of brands among customers. It helps brands grow and find success. People write their comments and reviews on yelp to share their personal experiences with others.

Better Business Bureau BBB

The better business bureau is shortened to BBB. It is a product and business review platform for corporate companies around the world. This business platform allows companies to showcase their image and reputation in the local and global markets. It develops a trustworthy and reliable relationship between businesses and customers.


It is a website that collects genuine and authentic reviews from customers. Customers can text their reviews or share images or videos. It provides product reviews to local businesses, small companies, mid-level companies, and large enterprises.

The reviews must be original and verified by real customers. It makes a profound impact on the audience. It offers round-the-clock support to customers with chat, email, and phone. Customers can involve in live forum discussions and share their opinions on any product review.

Site Jabber

Site Jabber is a review website on products and brands. It increases the reputation of the business and improves its image in the market. Customers buy products after reading the reviews and testimonials on the website. It gives them a sense of peace and satisfaction to share their personal views with the mass public audience.


Capterra is a reputed and trusted brand for customers. It provides high-quality and exceptional product reviews to the target audience. The website offers complete software and app reviews on various niche business categories. It grows with a list of categories for customers to find relevant feedback from the customers.

Good Firms

It provides qualitative and informative review information about corporate companies of the world. Good Firms build the lasting reputation of software organizations by delivering original software products to the buyers. They list top-rated companies that have established their name and fame in the industry. It boosts their image and raises their standard bar to the top of the competition.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are renowned and well-reputed product review platforms in 2022. They cover all kinds of product and brand reviews to increase the popularity of business organizations. Customers trust authentic reviews and read them before purchasing the products from physical or online eCommerce stores.