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Why Augmented Reality The Future & More than 20 Best AR Apps for 2022

Salsoft Technologies - A revelation in the world of IT

Science fiction is becoming a reality thanks to innovative technology and augmented reality is one of them. Holograms are now all around us in the real world, much as in the Star Wars and Marvel films, delivering new riveting and alluring experiences that go beyond simple entertainment. Today, augmented reality has become a useful tool for business.

Augmented reality is being used by a variety of industries, including the military, business, gaming, healthcare, and retail, to address a variety of business difficulties.

A successful combination created by high-performance computers, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence is making a difference.

What is Augmented Reality?

It is a form of technology that allows you to experience 3D visuals in the real world. Though the pictures of 3D visual only exist virtually, it allows you to experience something in the real world. The user gets the feeling that real and virtual items coexist in this way.

In order to provide players a more realistic experience and engage more senses, AR is frequently employed in games. However, many applications are using augmented reality to offer a better experience to users.

If you are working on connecting the digital world with the real world, then AR is the perfect start. This technology has gained so much popularity over the years, and numerous applications such as Instagram and Snapchat have been using it for so long.

The future where the physical world and virtual reality can merge is not far off. This technology is inevitable. People already play augmented reality games everywhere, which bring in millions of dollars and have a significant influence.

AR apps are at the cutting edge of technology because they combine trailblazing visuals with lifelike experiences. The objective is to provide customers with a greater experience. The timing is right for you to enter the market and take responsibility. Analyze the patterns and make your own AR applications for your company.

Let’s discuss some of the augmented reality applications present out there

Pokémon Go

This application was released in 2016, and it took the internet by storm at that time. It generated about 1.2 billion in 2021, making it a very popular AR game that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On smartphones, almost all other forms of entertainment have been mostly disregarded, and AR seems to dominate everything.

In 2016 when mostly casual games were popular, the masterminds behind this game took an innovative approach and decided to create an augmented reality game that is very fun to play.


The creators of this application introduced AR technology in this application from the very beginning. This is the reason why this social media application got so much popularity very shortly. Because of its interactive filters, Bitmoji, and other lenses, it stood out from the rest.

Now Snapchat is expanding so much with the help of AR technology. The creators also introduced an AR studio lense where you can unleash your creativity and build an entirely new AR-based experience.

YouCam Makeup

It is an amazing camera application where you just need to sign up, and you can click AR-based selfies. The users can choose from a large selection of virtual makeover filters.

Users of YouCam Makeup may snap selfies and modify them in original ways. You can experiment with a huge variety of virtual makeup items, including lipsticks, eye makeup, and blush.

Users may play with their NFT-based appearances thanks to AR support as well. So, it simply allows you to redefine your look and click amazing pics of yourself. Everything is happening virtually, but it will show makeup to be applied to your face, and you can click it. This application is also among the favorites of consumers.


Instagram is also an amazing application that has gained so much popularity over the years. The basic purpose of the application was to enhance your photography skills, but the idea expanded, and now Instagram is offering numerous features. This application was also released in 2016, and the creators of this app added amazing features such as AR filters.

Now because Instagram has become one of the top applications for business, many brands use Instagram stories AR and run their campaigns.

Moreover, many consumers browse many effects to have fun with their friends. Instagram is no doubt quickly venturing into the metaverse.

Google Maps

You might not expect Google maps to be on the list, but you will be surprised to know that Google maps have progressed over the years and many features now include AR technology. When you go around the city, the maps will guide you to virtual signs.

Travelers and tourists may use Google Maps to stroll through a city and observe all the virtual landmarks through the camera, just like they would in the real world.

People with impairments may also use Google Maps without any difficulty, thanks to augmented reality.

Future updates to Google Maps will provide more functionality. It is unquestionably established that AR exists in this setting.

Google Lens

The reason why Google lens was designed is to enrich lives through artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Google Lens has over 500 million registered users, and that figure is constantly rising.

Anyone may use their phone to scan adjacent text, objects, and photographs using Google Lens. The objective is to have better and more information. When you show a picture or image to Google lens, it will scan it and recognize every aspect of the image. So now you can simply know so much about a thing just by showing its image to Google.

Just a Line

This application has one goal, which is to help people create simple and easy drawings with the assistance of AR. You can play games or record a short video through this application. You can also share it with other people. This application allows you to be creative and do experiments. It creates an AR experience for everyone.

Sketch AR

If you are an artist, this application will be your favorite. This application assists people draw in a better way because of AR technology. Anyone can unlock their amazing artistic quality in a digital way.

All you need is a smartphone and paper. Through this application, you will be able to see virtual lines on paper by opening the camera in SketchAR. Draw an image by following the lines with a pencil.

Use AR to convert photos into art. Users of SketchAR can also earn money from their artwork and interact with a bigger community.

Knightfall AR

The game also uses AR technology and is an experienced base game. Through augmented reality and a cutting-edge gaming engine, join the Knights Templar and know about their history. With Knightfall AR, you may learn about the history of the game in a fascinating way.

It gives you a realistic experience where you can find coins, unlock characters, and utilize weapons to take out adversaries. You can also share snaps with your friends when you defeat your enemies.

World Blush

This application focuses on two factors, and those are creating art and anonymity. The application allows the user to open the camera and create a virtual painting with the help of various brushes using AR technology.

The brushes offer amazing features, and you can add many colors, styles, and designs of your choice. It allows users to see enormous paintings around the city. This application is yet exclusive to iOS at the moment. However, the android version of this application might also roll out soon.

Other AR Applications

These applications will give you an idea about how the world is evolving and how numerous applications are taking benefit from AR technology. Before you think about implementing any of the strategies in your business, here are some more AR applications that you can check out. These include

  • Star Chart
  • IKEA Place
  • Google Translate
  • Tiktok
  • Wanna Kicks
  • Sky Map
  • Angry Birds AR
  • Civilizations AR
  • Quiver
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  • Inhunter
  • Magicplan
  • Skecthfab
  • Smart Tanks